A Place For Worship

Our Sunday morning services are at 9:30 and 11:00 am. The services are warm and welcoming and feature contemporary music, prayer, and messages that convey timeless Biblical truth in dynamic and engaging ways. 

How should you dress? In whatever is comfortable!  We don’t much care what you look like on the outside, because we just want the light and love of Jesus to flood you inside! And don’t forget to come a little early so you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with us before the service. Our “Cup of Blessings” coffee station is open before and after each service.

And what about that pesky offering plate? Well, if you’d like to give to help our church ministries continue and grow and the Kingdom of God to advance, that would be wonderful–but we certainly don’t demand that anyone give! Money isn’t what we’re after when you come to our church. What we are after is for you to feel welcome and free to experience God through our worship–and most of all, to know the radical amazing love and grace of the God who died to save you from your sins and give you a new life in Him!  

A Community That Cares

The people of MFM excel in caring and helping each other along in our spiritual, emotional, and physical journey through this life that God has blessed us with! We have Welcoming Ministries, Care Cluster Groups, Prayer Chain, Women's Ministry International, Community Outreach Ministry, a Benevolent Fund to help those in need, and many other practical expressions of love and fellowship. We strive to make sure everyone is connected into the life of our church at whatever level they are comfortable. We hate it when people come to church, then get ignored or made to feel out-of-place. That’s not what we do here!  So, we invite you to come and experience a deep fellowship and care for you and your family that may just blow you away! 

An Active And Alive Church

Church shouldn’t be boring, and it shouldn’t be a place where people just sit around and gossip. The church instead should be a lighthouse of hope, a work station of grace, and a teller of the Best Story Ever Told! At MFM, we encourage all who can to participate in the life of our church and its ministries, reach out to the world around us with the Good News of Jesus, and live our daily lives in service and obedience to Him. You’re going to find a ton of ways you can be involved, and we hope you will get connected and find a ministry that fits you (or even create your own!). God’s Church functions best when every part of it does all they can to bring hope and healing to a hurting world.  We invite you to join us on this great adventure!