Teen Ministry

Who am I? What is my place? Why am I here? These are the questions that shape choices, values, actions, and relationships in a person’s life. But the answers to these three questions are fuzzy unless we know how to ask three more.

Who is God? What is the Church? Why was Jesus here? By answering these questions we can gain clarity and understanding about who we are and how God interacts with our story. Milan FMC Teen Ministry is a place where we are asking those questions and seeking out God’s voice to answer.

We gather on Sunday's twice a month for those dates check the calendar. We gather all together (7th-12th Grade) and after games, and food, we break into small groups. Come join us!


For more information and details about these events or anything related to Milan FMC Teen Ministry, please email the Stephanie Lambers at teens@mfmchurch.org or visit our teen ministry Facebook page!